Joe Jonas Definitely Not Gay

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We here at Celeb Jihad have received a lot of flack from smart mouthed teen girls with low self-esteem and even lower spelling skills, ever since we suggested that singer, actor, and all around fancy boy Joe Jonas might be gay or at the very least play for both teams.

Well as if to say “hey you nasty boys at Celeb Jihad I am soooo straight and love women parts” Joe Jonas squeezed into some short shorts and went on a man-date to go buy smoothies.

It takes a big man to admit when you are wrong, so let me be the first to apologize to Joe Jonas and his fans for ever suggesting he was a gay. I now see how awesomely straight he is, and am convinced that after him and his male companion finished off their smoothies they went and sexed a boat load of women. There is no way in hell that they went back to Joe’s place and had a tickle fight, blew each other, then fed each other fresh strawberries out on the lanai.