Lindsay Lohan Posts A Topless Photo On Instagram

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Washed-up old whore Lindsay Lohan just posted the topless photo above to her Instagram.

Clearly this topless pic is a desperate attempt by Lindsay Lohan to stay relevant, as it is all the rage in the Western world right now for women to show how “liberated” they are by defying Instagram’s terms of service and showing their shameful nipples in photos.

Believe it or not us pious Muslims applaud these efforts for it draws attention to Instagram’s glaring hypocrisy; which is of course that any woman who is photographed while not completely covered by burka is a vile skank who will burn for all eternity in the hellfire, so the homoqueers at Instagram signaling out bare nips to censor is like polishing the brass on the Titanic. Plus Instagram is supposed to be a tool for women to express themselves, and since females are utterly depraved by nature infidel women like Lindsay Lohan (who lack a strong Muslim man in their life to control them) can not be expected to do anything but prostitute their sinful flesh for attention.