Megan Fox and the Tragic Story of Daniel Rodriguez

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When young Daniel Rodriguez heard that his favorite actress Megan Fox was going to be promoting her new movie in his hometown he could hardly contain his excitement. His mother (the widow) Mrs Rosa Rodriguez recalls, “Daniel was on cloud nine. He had gotten up early that morning to feather his hair and put on his favorite pink shirt and pair of bermuda shorts”. Little did Mrs Rodriguez know that that would be the last time she would see her son alive.

The details of what transpired that night are still a little sketchy, but based on eyewitness statements to police we were able to piece together this scenario.

Daniel left his mother’s tiny 2 bedroom apartment sometime around 7:00 PM. He then went to the local florists and bought their most expensive and beautiful rose with the money he had saved collecting used soda cans. Daniel then made his way to the Transformers 2 premiere hoping to meet Megan Fox before she entered the theater.

When Megan Fox arrived, she and her security team headed towards the theater’s side entrance. Daniel rushed over and told the “actress” how wonderful he thought she was and presented her with the rose he had bought. According to witnesses Megan Fox’s exact response was “Out of the way you little shit!”

Friends say Daniel was inconsolable afterward the incident. “He did not now what to expect from Megan. A handjob, maybe a blowjob. But not that… not that” said long time friend Elizabeth Upchurch.

Daniel was found 2 hours later with his bermuda shorts tied around his neck hanging from a street light.