Miley Cyrus Gets New Prophet Muhammad Tattoo

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Pious Muslim woman Miley Cyrus is once again showing her devotion to Allah through the use of body art. This time Miley has added yet another picture of the Prophet Muhammad to her ribcage to go along with the one on her forearm.

Praise be to Miley Cyrus for taking such righteous ink to her body. Of course Westerners will not understand the tattoo because they foolishly think the Prophet can not be drawn, which is just not true.

Muslims are allowed to draw Muhammad as much as we want because we are the only ones that do it right. When you stupid kuffars draw him you always make him look all Jewy. That is why it enrages us so.

From this picture I can tell Miley Cyrus’ tattoo artist was Muslim because her Muhammad looks like a strong Arab, not some filthy money-changer. Hopefully Miley will continue to cover her body in Islamic symbols, until the Western world finally submits to the greatness of Allah.