Natalie Portman Controversial Facial Ad

natalie-portman, celeb-jihad

In what appears to be a controversial new advertisement for a facial cream, actress and Zionist Natalie Portman shows off her face covered in a mysterious white cream.

It certainly looks as though Natalie Portman had a load shot on her face, which is the calling card of us virile Muslim men. However, no self-respecting Muslim would give a Jewess like Natalie Portman the satisfaction of having our holy Islamic man juice coating her face.

Clearly this is a plot by the Zionists to make it look as though Natalie Portman received a facial from a Muslim man, in an attempt to use this common infidel woman fantasy to sell skin cream.

Rest assured us Muslim men will not stand idly by while we are exploited like this for the sexual gratification of infidel women like Natalie Portman and the profit of Jews also like Natalie Portman.