Olivia Munn Naked Pics Leaked

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*Update: Olivia Munn has used the power of her Zionist lawyers to have these pictures removed from this site

G4 star and nerd icon Olivia Munn was allegedly a “victim” of a “hacker” who leaked scandalous private pics to the web.

Not only do these pics include what may be a naked shot of Oliva Munn’s sinful feminine body, but they also include dirty captions which claim Olivia has a love of hard anal sex.

Of course as far as Hollywood actresses go, liking it up the back hole is rather tame behavior. However, Olivia Munn has been brazenly promoting herself through the use of slutty pics for years now, and that is entirely unforgivable. Rest assured Olivia Munn will be dealt with in Sharia court when Islam finishes conquering the West.